The Legends GIVEAWAY 2021

A One Time Joint list Building Event That Will Explode Your List


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Lets get straight to it, we all know the Money is in the list!

So how do you build a huge list fast?

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You have reached this page for a reason: you are a player and you have a private invitation to build you list superfast with this Giveaway...

Why are giveaways like this the best way to get active subscribers? Because we all send our traffic, so by the fact they opt in makes them active. They then see your amazing gift, they opt in and so every one gets brand new active leads from this!

The ranking on the gift page is:

The more you send the higher you go, so simply the more you do, the more you get.

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And The Best Part Is... It Will Only Take You Ten Minutes To Set Up and You are up and building your list.

You only have to spend maybe 10 minutes sending a quick email to your list and offer them a "thank you gift" for being one of your subscribers. That's it. That's all you have to do.

By doing this you will guarantee your subscribers are "over the top" satisfied because you're giving them something extremely valuable as a free gift, (ensuring they will remain extremely loyal, and eager to receive your future emails!)

So How Exactly Does This JV Work?

All you do is send a couple pre-written, short promos to your subscribers telling them about Giveaway, and let them know that they can now get their hands on tons of ebooks and software just by signing up with their name and email.

Your subscribers win, because they get a whole bunch of free Products

You win, because you will get a whole bunch of fresh new subscribers


So now you can build a HUGE list and sell your own back end offers, without paying any commissions to anyone. YEP, you keep all of the money from your sales!

Imagine Getting Six Months Worth Of List Growth In Just Days!

It's unfortunate, but many of the top marketers aren't willing to Joint Venture with someone who has a small list, because they neither have the time and they don't want you to compete with them.

When you work with us on Giveaway, you'll cut your list building time right in half, and fly past competition (as your competitors look on with astonishment).

I'm Ready!...What Do I Do First?

Here's What To Do Now

SIGNUP NOW. After signing up, you'll be taken to a special page where you can enter a quick description of your product (just takes a minute or two), and then you'll be given instant access to all the promotional tools, and pre-written email promos.

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Anthony McCarthy

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